Optuma Feature List

All the features you need in a premier package

Optuma packs some of the most impressive features you will ever find in a Technical Analysis Package. A list of all the features and what is included in each of the two editions of Optuma can be found below.


Included in edition.


Add-on to edition.

Feature Description


Trader Services


Professional Services

Advanced Graphical Interface
Multi-Touch Interaction
Multi-Monitor Support
Single Code Strategy Testing
Exchange Wide Strategy Testing  
Exchange Based 3D Sector Maps
Report Publishing
Custom Sector Maps  
Access to the Optuma Tool Store
Optuma Programming Language
Common Technical Analysis
Basic Gann Technical Analysis
Advanced Gann Technical Analysis
Optuma End of Day Data
Real Time Data – Retail Feeds
Real Time Data – Institutional Feeds  
Place & Manage Trades from charts
Connect to local Server  
Send Charts via Instant Messaging  
Scanning Module
Optuma Charts
Training Mode & Trade Tracker
Gann Charts (Square of 9, Square of 4, Hexagon, Wheel of 24)
Spreads & Relative Comparison Charts
Layers Management
Workbooks for layout Management
Customisable Toolbars
Advanced Right-Click Menu Control
Custom Time Frames on Charts
Integrated Search Facility

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