Built on Optuma

Optuma is the world’s most powerful technical and quantitative analysis platform. It is jam-packed with features that will help you manage your analysis, save you time, and show you unique opportunities. The GannTrader edition builds on this solid foundation to give you the most powerful Gann Platform available.


Gann Tools

The most important part of Gann Software is the faithful reproduction of many of the techniques that Gann used himself. Optuma not only provides all the Gann tools but is the only product that is continually building on those foundations with new tools and techniques.

Education & Consultation


Together with our Partners, Optuma is putting together a range of lessons and videos on how you can use Gann techniques in your trading.


Gann's Best Known Indicators
$995 USD
12 Month Payment Plan Available
  • 12 months of Trader Services ($59.95/m)

  • All of Optuma Standard

  • Optuma’s Powerful Scripting Language

  • Gann Fan tools

  • Square Top/Bottom

  • Square Range

  • Square 90 & Square 144

  • Custom Square Markers

  • Square of 9 chart & tools

  • Square of 4 & Wheel of 24

  • Hexagonal Charts

  • Gann Futures Contracts

  • Geometric Mode

Most Popular

Gann Decennial

With Bonus 5 EOD Exchanges
$7,995 USD
12 Month Payment Plan Available
  • GannTrader Edition of Optuma

  • 10 Year Trader Services Subscription

  • 10 Year access to Optuma EOD data

  • 10 Exchanges of your choice

  • 10 Year access to updates and upgrades

  • 10 Year access to Optuma’s Premium Support

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