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Gann's Popular Indicators
$ 3,295
  • 12 Months of Optuma Trader Services
  • 5 Data Selections of your Choice
  • Professional and Personalised Support
  • Specialty Charts (Seasonality, Optex, etc.)
  • Suite of Popular Gann Tools & Charts


The Ultimate Gann Solution
$ 5,495
  • Everything Included in GannLite
  • Professional and Personalised Support
  • Ephemeris and Natal Charts
  • Our Full Financial Astrology Suite
  • Astro Options on Gann Tools (e.g. Gann Squares)

Gann Decennial

With Bonus 5 EOD Exchanges
$ 9,995
  • 10 Years of Optuma Trader Services
  • 10 years of Everything in Ganntrader
  • 10 Years of Optuma Data
  • 10 Data Selections of Your Choice
  • 10 Years of Professional Support




Rondinone Chart
Square of 9 Chart
Square of 4 Chart
Hexagon Chart
Wheel of 24 Chart
Natal Chart
Ephemeris Chart

General Tools

Pythagorean Channels
Treasury Square of 9
Spiral Calendar
Spiral Calendar Intervals
Fibonacci Channels
Fibonacci Expansions
Fibonacci Fan
Fibonacci Intervals
Fibonacci Range
Fibonacci Retracements
Lucas Intervals
Jenkins Angle
Jenkins Secret Angle Cycle Finder
Moving Retracement
Price Degree Intervals

Cycle Tools

Cycles Zones
Gann Seasonal Dates
Time By Solar
Custom Intervals

Gann Tools

Division of 3rds
Division of 8ths
Dynamic Gann Fan Angles
Dynamic Gann Levels
Dynamic Hex Intervals
Dynamic Square of 9
Gann Box
Gann Day Count
Gann Fan Angles
Gann Mass Preasure
Gann Measured Degree Line
Gann Single Degree Line
Gann Square Marker
Gann Square Range
Gann Square Range Angle
Gann Square Range Marker
Gann Square Swing Markers
Gann Square Top/Bottom
Gann Squares
Gann's Pattern of Vibration
High Low Degree Angles
Number Searcher
Overlay Tool
Pattern Matcher
Price Division
Seven Times the Base
Square of 9 Dates
Square of 9 Gann Fann
Square of 9 Intervals
Static Square of 9
Static Wheel of 24
Time Division of 3rds
Time Division of 8ths
Time Price Label
Time Price Measure
Triple Octave Support & Resistance
Triple Octave Time Support & Resistance
Zero Degree Angles
Zero Price Fan

Astro Tools

Angle Returns
Apogee & Perigee
Aspect Returns
Bradley Siderograph
Ephemeris Tool
Gann Planetary Lines
Helion Transits
Latitude Transits
Moon Phases
Natal Transits
Parallel Transits
Planetary Angles
Planetary Aspects
Planetary Decans
Planetary Fan
Planetary Geometry
Planetary Labels
Planetary Latitudes
Planetary Retrograde
Planetary Sign Changes
Planetary Signs
Planetary Speed
Progressed Aspects
Progressed Transits
Square of Nine Planetary Intervals
Synodic Cycles
Synodic Lines
Time by Planetary Degrees
Time by Synodic Degrees
Astro Text


Rondinone Chart
Square of 9 Chart
Square of 4 Chart
Hexagon Chart
Wheel of 24 Chart
Natal Chart
Ephemeris Chart

View a complete list of all Ganntrader’s tools on Optuma’s knowledge base. If you’re looking for a specific tool or feature and can’t find it, ask our support team.


1. The initial payment for the software licence includes 12 months of support, end of day data, updates and upgrades. The various service levels also include access to different modules. You will have 12 months of access to those also.

2. After the initial 12 months, you can elect to pay monthly or annually to keep your Optuma Trader Services subscription. Annual payment will save you 10% or more. Continuting this subscription gives you access to support, end-of-day data, updates & upgrades, and service-level modules including support for 3rd party real-time data connections.  The Optuma Trader Services subscription is $70 usd/month.


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On annual renewals and the initial purchase of Optuma you can use either credit card, direct deposit or crypto. Accepted crypto : BUSD, USDCoin, USDT.

For monthly renewals and payment plans, we only accept credit cards.

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We offer refunds depending on the situation. To learn more take a look at our terms and conditions.

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Yes, if the tool package is available in the store. There are no restrictions to purchasing additional tools regardless of subscription.

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Yes, you can choose not to renew at any time and retain access until the end of your subscription cycle. If you are using a payment plan, we have terms included in the payment plan agreement. 

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Yes, all of our Gann packages come with support. Whenever you need a hand our expert support team will be ready to help.

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