Square of 9

What are Gann Square of 9 charts and how are they used in GannTrader?

What are Gann Square of 9 Charts?

The Square of 9 is an ancient grid used to assist in mathematical calculations and number patterns. It consists of a square grid of numbers, with the number one located at the centre (although this can be changed to any value by the user). The remaining numbers are arranged in a spiral pattern around the centre, moving in a clockwise direction. This pattern is based on W.D. Gann’s belief that price movements follow specific geometric patterns that can be predicted using mathematical calculations.

For example: 

  • Starting at 4, the first even square, you can see all the subsequent even squares heading Northeast 45°
  • Starting at 1, the first odd square, you can see all the subsequent odd squares heading Southwest 225°
  • Each of these lines is 180° (or π radians) apart. A full revolution (say from 49 to 81) is (√49 + 2)² = 81

    The “+2” represents 2π radians also known as 360°

The real power of the Square of 9 is that it encompasses this concept of the Square within a Circle. We can measure angles between prices and make similar forecasts of potential turning points based on the angles.

How do Square of 9 Charts Work?

Gann Square of 9 Charts help you identify time and price alignments through the use of angles. You enter the current asset price into the middle of the chart and use your knowledge of the asset and Gann angles to determine where the future resistance and support should be. Two of the most popular indicators used to identify these angles are listed below.

Cardinal Cross

The more important of the two. It lands on numbers falling under 0/360, 90, 180, and 270 degrees from the centre.

Orbital Cross

Less important than the Cardinal Cross. It lands on numbers falling under 45, 135, 225, and 315 degrees.

Time and Price

The Square of 9 can be used to forecast potential support and resistance levels in price. It can also be used to forecast dates where the market is likely to turn. In the same way we can enter a price into the starting cell of the Square of 9, we can also enter in the date of a major event in the market and see which dates in the future could be potential turn dates.

Square of 9 Charts in GannTrader

The Square of 9 Chart in GannTrader is built to save you time and help you see new opportunities. Designed on modern and intuitive software, GannTrader brings a fully customisable and interactive Square of 9 Chart offering you complete control. 

The Square of 9 is made up of several different components:

Overlays: Choose the angle, colour, and starting point of your overlay. For example, a 120-degree overlay can be applied along with a 90-day overlay from a different position.

Wheels: The wheels around the outside of the Square of 9 grid can be customised for direction and display. Choices include year, day, degrees, or planets (requires Astro module). 

Grid settings: By default the Square of 9 chart starts with 1 in the centre. Each progressing ring adds numbers to the series in increments of one. You have the ability to change both the increments and the starting value to anything of your choice—even a negative number.

Square of 9 Tools in GannTrader

Having the Square of 9 calculations as indicators you place on a chart is a game changer. With the simplicity of adding a trend line, you can instantly have all the potential support and resistance levels displayed on your chart.

Our advanced Gann software includes Static and Dynamic Square of 9 tools using the mathematical relationship of the numbers
around the Square of 9. 


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Yes, all GannTrader packages will come with Square of 9 Charts and Tools.

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One of the best books created on the Square of 9 was written by Patrick Mikula in the early 2000’s. It’s called The definitive guide to forecasting using W.D.Gann’s Square of 9.

If you want to learn more about implementing the Square of 9 in GannTrader, take a look at our knowledge base.

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